Software Localization

Only being the best in your neighborhood is not good enough anymore. The present-day market is international. Even if translating software into other languages costs serious money, this allows companies to access foreign markets that would be otherwise difficult to penetrate. Also, the rumor according to which ALL foreigners understand English is a myth.

Most software nowadays is localized in order to be available on larger markets. If you plan to develop your software in several languages, or if you plan to start developing the software in your own language and afterwards in other languages for foreign markets, it's best, from the very beginning, to take into account certain localization and translation issues

Software localization is the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market. This process is labour-intensive and often requires a significant amount of time from our development teams.

We have a specialized software localization tools as Alchemy CATALYST, PASSOLO, RC-WinTrans.

We involve a variety of specialists, such as programmers, translators, localization engineers, quality assurance (QA) specialists and project managers just to give the software the look and feel of a product originally written and designed for the target market.