If you are looking for ways to reduce your project turnaround times, production costs and the overall list of aspects to worry about when completing a multilingual documentation project, then consider letting Lion Gate make your life easier by supporting your multilingual document management. Adapting the same concept of hand picked and very well tested translators, all our DTP operators are very well selected. We only recruit the best DTP operators with previous experience whereby a second language is a must.


Our DTP operators are grouped into 2 teams: The first team is responsible for the European languages, and the second for bi-directional languages.


Project Analysis:

Analysis of material prior to production: - Verification of source material for completeness - Definition of guidelines, identification of possible overall process enhancements - (Optional) Correction of errors on source material, in order to avoid/minimize multiplication of workaround times spent on multilingual projects

Project Evaluation

Evaluating and setting up the project:
- Verification of source material and guidelines
- Schedule and Planning
- Cost management
- File Management
- Computer Configuration Operating system, Software application, Fonts, Printer driver, Specific tools, Templates


Fixing the layout of translated material:
- Page and paragraph formatting
- Text formatting
- Editing graphics
- Taking screen captures
- Format checking
- Index and Table of contents generation


Editing Graphics:
- Generic graphics – mock-ups pictures which contain translatable text on a background that needs to be re-created
- Screen captures pictures of interface components of the localized software application
- Illustrations images with text that can be edited on a separate layer or a separate object
- Adobe Macromedia Flash animations

Quality Check:

Performing quality checks on finalized
DTP material:
- The main goal should be to consistently provide localized products that meet the needs and the expectations of our customers. To ensure this, quality assurance steps should be implemented throughout the DTP process.
- Experienced DTP specialists are responsible for assuring the use of the quality control procedures for all desktop published materials and to perform final DTP QA.

Multilingual DTP

Generating books in multiple languages:
- For projects that are localized into multiple languages, centralizing certain activities, such as DTP, can guarantee consistent quality deliveries, leverage of experience and cost reduction.
- For DTP production, assigning the same person or team to work on DTP tasks across all languages rather than assigning each language for different resources, will ensure consistency among languages.


At Lion Gate we always train our staff on the latest desk top publishing versions in the market and on the newly introduced tools, to ensure that all operators are aware of the latest technologies and also to ensure the highest quality output.


Our multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) team has the capability to do layout typesetting in almost every language with a variety of DTP tools. We maintain updated advanced graphics and publishing software, including:

*FrameMaker + SGML
*In Design
*Corel Draw


DTP Specialist's role includes knowledge of formatting standards (e.g. punctuation) and technical requirements, such as double-byte fonts for Asian languages, also knowledge of characters to capture any corrupted characters in the document

European and Nordic

French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Eastern European and Baltic

Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Romanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian

Other European

Russian, Greek, Turkish, Icelandic, Catalan


Arabic – Hebrew – Farsi – Urdu - Kurdish